Water Purifier

Item No. UnitCapQTY. Bar CodeB02006bottle150mL72bottleB02011bottle300mL48bottleB02016bottle550mL24bottleB02003bottle3.8L6bottleFeature:Bonuses Water Purifier is a compound of inorganic macro

Item No. UnitCapQTY. Bar Code


Bonuses Water Purifier is a compound of inorganic macromolecule with high absorbability. After adding in the

tank, it will undergo a rapid process of electrochemistry, coagulation, absorption, precipitation and other physical

chemistry. The water quality will become better.If you want to keep the water in such quality condition for a long

time, please add Bonuses Super Nitrifying Bacteria regularly and postpone replacing water, which can keep the

water quality stable.Using Bonuses Water Purifier in a new tank, the effect would be more abvious.

How to use:(shake well before using)

Add 10-30 ml per 100 Lwater

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