Multivitamin Liquid

Item No.UnitCapQTY.Bar CodeB02052bag500mL30bottleFeature:1、Inorganic macromolecular compound, it has strong performance of crosslinking adsorption;2、Can rapidly complete physical chemistry process suc

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1, this product is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin B2;

2. Make the fish healthier and more energetic;

3. Relieve the urgency of fish due to external conditions;

4. Effectively reduce the deformity of fish.

How to use:(shake well before using)

1. Add 20 ml per 100 liters of water, use it once every 7 days or after changing the water. When the fish produces stress discomfort, it can

be added every day, and it is harmless. It is often used together with “Nitrifying” or “Probiotics” to maintain water and stabilize the state of

the fish. .

2. It is recommended to pour in the filtered outlet. Water volume (unit: liter)

= aquarium length (cm) × aquarium width (cm) × water depth (cm) ÷ 1000.

No water changes are required after use.

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