Nitrifying Bacteria

Item No. UnitCapQTY. Bar CodeB02007bottle150mL72bottleB02013bottle300mL48bottleB02017bottle550mL24bottleB02001bottle3.8L6bottleFeature:1、It contains live bacteria such as Rhodopseudomanads a

Item No. UnitCapQTY. Bar Code


1、It contains live bacteria such as Rhodopseudomanads and Rhodospinlium;

2、It can resolve the waste in water and bottom sand naturally, decompose concentration of

ammonia, nitrite and hydrothion in the water;

3、Clarify the water quickly and restrain the growing of pathogenetic bacteria;

4、It can effect both in oxygen and oxygen-free environment but doesn’t cost the dissolved oxygen in the water;

5、It contains multi-strain euryhaline and eurythermy bacteria, which are suitable for

both fresh water and marine tank above 10℃ .

How to use:(shake well before using)

1、When you are making a new tank or replacing water ,please use Aquaguard first(10ml per 100L water), and

then add Concentrated Nitrifying Bacteria 20ml into the water;

2、Regularly using: Adding 20ml per 100L water, once per seven days ;

3、When the water quality deteriorates seriously,adding 40ml per 10L water per day.

4、Not harmful if you want to put more,until the water improved.Same process for a new tank,you can breed the

fish immediately.

5、It would be better to add in output of the filter.The water capacity formula:V(L)=L*W*D(cm)/1000.

Don't need to change water after use.

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