Water grass mud

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1、Keep water quality steady, neither pollution water nor powdering.

2、Be rich in fertilizer, it contains a variety of nutrients and other substances that help aquatic plants grow.

3、Easy for plants root growing.

4、Natural shaped and color which can create a natural scenic effect.

5、Weak acid of pH which suit for fishes and plants growing.

6、Not easy for moss growing, and it can also absorbs the waste from aquatic animals and plants, resolved with nitrifying bacteria quickly.

7、It can absorb ammonia to decrease its content in the water. It can create a healthy growing environment for your fishes and plants.

How to use:(shake well before using)

1.Adding 10 ml per 100 L water everyday,keep on using 3 days and then replace 1/4 water.

2.It would be better to add in output of the filter.The water capacity formula:V(L)=L*W*D(cm)/1000.

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